A sad story: How the Bavarian election has taken away the home of the Intensive

The most recent election in Bavaria resulted in a majority for the right- wing party.  The Social Democratic and conservative parties lost very many voters. The powerful effects of this shift are being felt on many levels, one of which is that  the Bavarian government has pulled funding for many projects.

As a direct result - after 70 years of providing their centre for democratic education - the Social Democratic party has decided to close down the Vollmar-Academy in Kochel from January 19, 2019.  

This news has been a huge shock for me and the faculty. The home of the Intensive is no longer in existence. At this late stage all of our attempts to find a suitable alternative have been without success.

Therefore with great sadness we have decided we have no alternative but to cancel the Intensive 2019 and to search and find a new home for the Intensive 2020.
The Dates for the next Intensive will be April 26 – May 3, 2020.

I am so sorry to have to write to you with this news.

I will keep you updated about the further developments and come back to you soon with new information on this website.

Wishing you some good times.

Lutz Bessel and the Faculty, November 2018